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26 Mai
FIrst nbsp Hardware Wallet to Adopt Shapeshift API bitcoin casino welcome bonus bovada

FIrst Hardware Wallet to Adopt Shapeshift API

The partnership with Shapeshift will allow KeepKey users to exchange a vast array of digital assets from the hardware device. Cryptocurrencies can be swapped via Shapeshift, which will allow KeepKey users the ability to store digital assets such as Litecoin, and Dogecoin with integrations coming in the future.

KeepKey is the first hardware wallet to incorporate marking the first time in people that are crypto-history can exchange cryptocurrencies without ever exposing their private keys online. The hardware company believes that this is a landmark in the blockchain business, and the staff feels it adds exceptional value.

KeepKey CEO Darin Stanchfield stated:

While digital asset security is KeepKey’s primary goal, we are making life easier for the growing number of consumers buying, selling and storing several kinds of cryptocurrency. They can swap anything they like, whenever they like, without the bother of setting up multiple wallets or speeches or signing up to various exchanges and bitcoin new casino game. For traders, it’s exciting to improve the speed and efficiency of the currency exchange process with the most secure hardware wallet on the market today.

Works Even on a Compromised Computer

Shapeshift has become a well known instant exchange in the crypto-environment whose API has been integrated with almost 50 blockchain businesseshome bitcoin casino reviews casinos exclusive promo Considering that the top twenty digital assets have been growing in value over the past few months according to amid rising security issues, both companies believe the time is ripe to make security essential for cryptocurrency owners.          

KeepKey says the process for utilizing the exchange is easy. Users only unlock the wallet normally to view their multiple accounts and can make immediate transactions with just two clicks via the instrument’s buttons.  It adds that this all can be done even on a computer as the keys touched are not seen by the computer or the internet.

Erik Voorhees

« KeepKey is a one-stop-shop for the two users’long’ in cryptocurrency and regular traders alike, » Stanchfield continued. « It is an impenetrable vault for electronic wealth. The team at ShapeShift have assembled an extraordinary platform for measuring these tokens, and we are thrilled to present the combined effort to our clients. »

Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees considers the partnership will add important advantages of this landscape for both newcomers and experienced users.  He stated:

Easy and convenient security is paramount for the development of this industrywhich bitcoin wallet is good for ignition casino bitcoin casino with no deposit required That ethos is being wisely brought by keepKey to greater circles of digital asset users with the ShapeShift integration.

Shapeshift and keepKey anticipate more integrations in the not too distant future and believe the partnership will bring security to cryptocurrency markets in general and more liquidity.

What do you consider KeepKey partnering with Shapeshift to include various cryptocurrencies into the hardware wallet? Let us know in the comments below.

The KeepKey hardware wallet is also found at’s online shop for those considering this type of wallet as well as competitors like the Trezor hardware wallet and the Ledger Wallet.

 Pictures courtesy of KeepKey, and Shapeshift websites 


24 Mai
Bitcoin Keno Games — Perform for Bitcoins in the Top BTC Casinos

This relatively old game has great features that gamers never get tired of.presents bitcoin keno site Aside from that, withdrawals and deposits will charge you minimal to no charges and almost immediately. Worry not, you may still play your favorite casino games and in the most convenient manner possible.


Since these keys are stored at the internet exchange, gambling bitcoin keno there's the remote chance that someone could access this information and compromise your account. When these steps are complete it is time to buy your Bitcoin. Simply sign up and then link a charge card, sites debit card or bank account.


Online keno is similar to this in that you're still supplied a listing of numbers to pick from.


All you need is an email or bitcoin address to playwith!  selected bitcoin keno review Before you sign up and make a deposit at a Bitcoin keno site, you need to read and understand the site's terms and conditions to make sure you're legally permitted to play with there. Bitcoin keno websites provide various variations of this game and they are normally accompanied by stimulating visual and sound effects. This type of game is played as described above but there can be subtle differences in the amount of numbers a participant can pick based on where you play.


Immediate Keno is an 80 ball game with simple yet amusing cartoons.plastic bitcoin keno review You will find 4 Keno games available at CoinGaming powered sites, as well as some live-dealer lottery games which are similar. If Keno is your thing, then there's a wealth of Bitcoin casinos out there which will satisfy your wants. This page requires you through all you want to know to appreciate Bitcoin Keno. Whether you choose the low-risk or higher-risk options inside the game, digital bitcoin keno gambling the anonymity, proven fairness and zero trade costs which come with Bitcoin will make a considerable difference. Some sites might allow players from the area but you may discover that a number of the games that they provide will be inaccessible to you.



If using a BTC address, you'll need to make 5430 satoshi to receive payment. Buy as many tickets as possible,  spread your bet around, and make use of Bitcoin casino bonuses if there are any current.some bitcoin keno Good thing about the sport is that keno tickets are inexpensive. With this bet, players may bet the amounts as one wager. With Bitcoin and its advantages, this sport has become more contemporary to keep up with the times and provide additional convenience.


22 Mai
Why Everybody’s Wrong Regarding Games

The games are simple to play and extend the chance to win instantly! In order be able to help people who want to know more regarding burning xbox games, different applications programs are produced. Therefore, if you want to copy Xbox games, then avoid absolutely free software along with mind to a respectable business. There are several different Xbox games which are available for a gamers’ use.

Most RPGs and RPG-based games can supply the gamer with plenty of powerful products and options. It’s so addictive that you’re going to be itching to play a single match after a second. Specifically, it’s really a game for role playing. There is absolutely no game to playwith. Thus, games cannot be amazing art. There are numerous video games from the current market which might be put to use as an effective educational tool for kids.

The game finishes if only 1 person stays in the circle. Playing video games might become a highly effective alternative to using opioids. They offer you a great escape from reality. While there, it is possible to carry out video game to find out in the event that you like it before buying. Game titles are a great deal more technical now and it seems that more technical games are developing most the time. Finding games to play with the full family may be hard. Put simply, the initial 3-D matches were intended to be empty so they would run.

The game can continue during the complete party if you’d like, with the winner being the average person wearing the most necklaces at the end of this all. By now, everybody knows that there are exciting games which may be played online. Digital reality games will aid with the opioid epidemic.

As the match continues and you learn the mechanics, you begin to fill tougher and tougher orders, requiring tons of communication. There are all types of browser games out there. You’ll even need to have a look at the games which do not possess an absolute 2018 releasedate at the conclusion of this list. Besides that, the battle royal games are quite popular at this time and I like playing with them.

During its worst, most hoarder syndrome could make a match worse to play like a consequence of the gamer perhaps maybe not employing every option open to them. For new players, it can be quite complex at first glance, but once you understand the design is a very simple game to play. It also includes motion detectors and cinematic actions, taking the entire experience to a different level. The Nintendo DS matches have been endowed with higher level traits that allow you to advance your gambling abilities. Modern high rpg games offer a lot with respect to visuals and gameplay along with immersion and audio.

Whispered Games Keys

You are able to have a peek at the entire selection of PS Plus matches below. Further more, you can find numerous computer games to select for. You can find dozens and dozens of internet casino sites on the market which makes it rather hard for players to choose which internet casino website they need to signup with. There are scores of ways that you could compile a list of the absolute best video games ever made.

22 Mai
Features Bugs and Anomalies top bitcoin online casino

There’s Never a Dull Day at EOS Land

The EOS soap opera has made for compelling viewing lately. The level of hype and funds meant a launch was not going to be possible. Satoshi the world oblivious and appears to have launched bitcoin alone. EOS, on the other hand, has established following a 4 billion increase, having half of the crypto community and alarmed the other halfGet up to 1 Bitcoin Free on 1Xbit Casino bonus code latest issue was a bug which caused block manufacturing to stop over the weekend, forcing a conference call between Block and bitcoin video casino, EOS’ developers, and the 21 block manufacturers tasked with running the community. The cause of the problem seems to have been an error in the latest obliging EOS to resort to an earlier version of this code. This raises the question of how much testing has been performed on new code; it resembles is issuing updates which have not been thoroughly analyzed, forcing them to fix problems as they happen on the mainnet.

Features, Bugs, and Anomalies

While unfortunate, when an blockchain launches bugs should be expected, and ethereum and bitcoin weren’t without their issues in the early days. But there are troublesome aspects of EOS whose existence is harder to explain, and that are there by design. There. The amount ranges according to the amount of network resources the dapp requires. Had Crypto Kitties been running on EOS at the height of the popularity of the dapp, it’s been suggested that the quantity of tokens needed to operate it would have ran into the millions of dollars.

And then there is the complexity of creating an EOS wallet. For obtaining an existing account-holder’s support creating an account callsbitcoin gambling and casino games bitcoin casino gets double spend It’s not possible for any newcomer to join the EOS ecosystem. With time, EOS dapps should make account production easier, but until then, the public blockchain operates more like a closed system, with participants reliant to get the ball rolling.

Attaining the 15 percent quorum of votes to launch the network also proved to be a sticking point. Token holders were required to vote by means of a process that included entering their private keys. Due to the possibility of being duped by EOS dapps, most token holders chose not to vote, leaving the procedure stuck for days at below the threshold.

EOS Oddities Have Failed to Dampen Market Enthusiasm

Despite glitches, the drama, and oddities of EOS, the market has remained bullish on Dan Larimer’s blockchain. With so many holders invested in the project, the community is willing EOS to succeed no matter what, and no quantity of negativity — as the acronym goes or FUD — will be allowed to prevail. When there was a bug found before launch in EOS, followed by the discovery of bugs and the creation of a bounty program, the market shrugged the problems off.

The enthusiasm for all things EOS can partially be attributed to the need for a scalable and fast blockchain. The system’s most ardent supporters will concede that EOS is not perfect, but given the choices — a sluggish ethereum and a handful of untested and fresh blockchains — there seems little choice but to pray can prevail. With each play, EOS brigades and the pro become more firmly entrenched in their positions. No blockchain from the background of cryptocurrency has turned out to be so polarizing. Whatever the future holds for EOS, it certainly will not be dull.

Do you think EOS can shrug off these early setbacks and overtake ethereum as the number one blockchain for dapps?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, and Twitter.

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12 Mai
Crypto Use on the Dark Internet mBit site

FBI’s 130 Crypto-Related Cases

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) allegedly »has 130 cases tied to cryptocurrencies, » according to Supervisory Special Agent Kyle Armstrong. Speaking in the Crypto Evolved conference Wednesday in New York, he was quoted by Bloomberg:

The cases’threat tagged’ to virtual currencies encompass crimes such as human trafficking, illicit drug sales, kidnapping and ransomware strikes.

Armstrong is in charge of the FBI’s virtual money initiative, which has existed for about three decades, the publication noted.

While acknowledging that his agency »takes a neutral view on digital tokens, he noted several advantages and disadvantages, » the news outlet conveyed and lent him explaining that the FBI has noticed a rise in illegal activity facilitated by cryptocurrency payments. « There are hundreds and hundreds of cases in the agency, so it is a small sliver at this point, » he elaborated and net bitcoin casino review.

Crypto Use on the Dark Internet

According to Armstrong, »the opioid epidemic » has become a focus of the FBI as the agency sees »a surge in drug misuse, » allowed from the dark web. Moreover, he claimed that the agency has also »seen a substantial rise in extortion schemes linked to virtual currencies on the southwest border of the U.S. »

In its budget request for Fiscal Year 2018, the FBI asked for »80 positions and $21.6 million » to improve its investigative technologies to fight cybercrime. The agency cited, »A number of our criminal investigators face the challenge of identifying online pedophiles who hide their crimes and identities behind layers of anonymizing technologies, or drug traffickers using virtual currencies to obscure their trades. »

On Monday, the House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill to help stop the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, dashboard, zcash, and moneroonline casino accepting bitcoin bitcoin casino best slots This bill soon follows a testimony by a high-ranking official of the U.S. Secret Service before the House of Representatives Financial Services Subcommittee on Terrorism and Illicit Finance. He asked Congress for help in preventing the use of cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Tuesday that it has captured »nearly 2,000 bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, with an approximate value of more than $20 million, » in a nationally undercover operation targeting darknet vendors.

What do you think about the FBI linking 130 cases to cryptocurrencies? Tell us in the comments section below.

Pictures courtesy of Shutterstock.

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08 Mai
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05 Mai

Ukrainian brides understand how to take care of difficulties, solve significant difficulties, in addition to facilitate their men’s accomplishment. They can offer men a thing that other women cannot. Subsequently, the simplest and surest solution to fulfill Ukrainian brides is to make an account on one for the dating sites. If you’re looking for real Ukrainian mail order birdes-to-be, you will need to analyze every part of work of each platform to select a new trustworthy dating service provider.

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Ukraine Bride Can Be Fun for Everyone

Courtship is all about impressing a girl. Although 2 weeks . materialistic strategy, that doesn’t show all Ukrainian girls usually are gold-diggers. Should you ever wondered what you have to begin dating a new hot Ukrainian girl or perhaps whenever you have ever thought of marrying a Ukrainian girl, Ukraine-Woman.

Today nothing is simpler than finding a lovely girl whoms at the exact same time fascinating to speak to and well-educated. Ukrainian girls will be pleased to locate and marry an intelligent plus courteous man irrespective of his or her ethnicity. There are a lot of serious and even modest girls in Ukraine, you merely have to earn some sort of qualitative research.

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Western women do not anticipate men to care for all of them anymore, but the circumstance is totally different when it has to do with Far eastern Western ladies. Ukrainian women can be completely gorgeous. If you’re preparing to date a Ukrainian female, there’s nothing to fret regarding.

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There are various dating sites specializing in gorgeous Ukrainian females. For that reason, it’s you who benefits as you reach understand a whole lot more even before a person register for dating sites. So whatever it is you’re looking for at the online dating site, friendship or marriage, we’re certain you are likely to have an incredibly pleasant experience!